Zomi Refugee Program

Program Overview

The organization, Zomi Innkuan USA (ZIUSA) has set up a Refugee Program to help Zomi Refugees in Malaysia, India, and Thailand. The program is self-funded by Zomi individual that supports the effective resettlement of Zomi refugees in their safe places in the world and ensures their basic needs are met so they can live in dignity and achieve their higher potential. 

The goal of the Refugee Program is to ensure that every Zomi Refugee, who have been persecuted on the basis of race, religion, nationality, political opinion or membership in a particular social group, will receive proper treatment and protection under the Refugees’ rights, and to work together to uphold humanitarian response to refugee through the U.S. Resettlement Program. 

Our Mission

Zomi Refugee Program carries out the aims and objectives of the Zomi Innkuan USA (ZIUSA) to serve and advocate for the Zomi Refugees around the world. It offers services targeting gaps within the refugee community by ensuring the continuation of services in their efforts towards self-sufficiency and integration such as social level assistance, skills development (English language education for adults,) health promotion and cultural orientation, youth mentoring, and case management.

Our Vision

Zomi Refugee Program is a leading network for the enhancement of cultural and community development in the Zomi refugee community to have the opportunity to integrate into the larger American society by interacting and sharing their unique cultures and skills.

Current Leadership

Our leadership team is made up of dedicated, focused, and experienced

members to voluntarily work on the goal of the program.

Tual Khan Suan
Program Manager
Email: tualksuan@ziusa.org
Dr. Lun Kham Pieper
Policy and Advocacy Manager

Francis Khampi
Outreach and Communication Manager
Tel: 971-340-3975
Email: franciskham@ziusa.org
Thang Khawm Pau
Performance and Research Manager
Tel: 270-217-9593
Email: zomipau@ziusa.org
Lian Zo Tuang 
Case and Field Manager
Tel: 405-508-1192
Email: zotuangsvtg@gmail.com
Kham Sian Sang
Program Development Manager
US Army Reserve E4 Specialist Engineering, and Presidential Fellow Management Finalist 
Phone: 716-519-1050
Email: khamsian05@gmail.com
Kat Kelley, MSW
DC Area Consultant

J. Mark Brinkmoeller
Assisi Strategy & Washington DC Area Advisor

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